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custom backyard patio

Custom Patio Cover Contractor Westminster CO

We love helping you create a place to relax and you rest. What better way than a porch you can use in the weather.

Deck Up your Patio and Get a Comfortable Outdoor Living

Want to see a unique outlook for your house in Westminster? Focus on renovating your outdoor. Being a significant part of our property patio plays a vital role in improving the aesthetics of the house. Also, it makes the backyard of the house functional enough. You can enjoy your casual weekends or retirement days sitting at the deck. However, do not forget to take help from a professional custom patio cover contractor in Westminster, CO. They know how to improve your house structure in the best possible way. 

Expert Home Improvement Contractor is Here

If you are planning to renovate your house, you need to consult the best home addition contractor in Westminster, CO. Well, although many of us plan to DIY, it is not at all recommended for home renovations. DIY can save your money, but you may end up ruining your property’s appearance. Without expert knowledge and skills, you cannot do the tasks the way you planned. Only an expert can turn your vision into reality. 

Westec Builders knows how to deal with all kinds of home renovation issues. Hence, you can give us a call for any of your home addition requirements. Find us as superior to all of our contenders with our skills and efficiency. On the one hand, our in-depth knowledge makes things easy to handle. On the other hand, we ensure efficiency for every task.


We Do it All


From basement renovation to ceiling improvement, we offer all. If you want a well-furnished home with all of the necessary facilities, connect with us. Whether it is a new home or an existing one, we have ideas to decorate all types of properties. Whether it is a narrow apartment or a large bungalow, we handle everything. Our experts suggest the best ideas to renovate your house. First, we consider the space, style of the interior, and other essential aspects of the house. Then, we offer home improvement ideas accordingly.


If you need any specific help like patio cover addition, we can do it with the required precision. People consider us as the best basement finishing contractor in Westminster, CO. Considering our efficiency at work, they have also included us as the best detached garage contractor in Westminster, CO.


The Best Contractor is Here

Often, people get confused about whom to go at the time of renovation. And the concern is genuine. There are innumerable options for it around you. But, all of them are not good enough to handle your tasks. Consider Westec Builders as the best home addition contractor in Westminster, CO, with its standout features. 

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Custom Patio Covers & Sunrooms

There are a lot of different styles available when it comes to selecting the one you like, and the materials options are just as diverse. The beauty of working with a professional contractor is to get ideas that you may not have thought about as well as having a quality job done.  You can choose a high-end patio cover with a gable end type roof or a standard shed type.  The possibilities are endless.

Take a Look at Some of Our Previous Patios & Enclosures

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