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custom detached garage

Detached Garage Contractor Denver

Westec Buiders has over 30 years experience in building custom garages.  We have completed projects from simple one car garages to garages that are over 2,000 square feet.  Any style of garage you want, we can make a reality. 

Build a Garage that Matches your Property

Often, homeowners end up ruining the visual scenery of well-maintained property by mismatching the elements of the property to each other. A proper alignment with respect to color, style, and pattern should be maintained. Especially when it comes to the house's garage, you must pay attention to aligning its structure with the other portions of the house. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need a professional detached garage contractor in Denver who is innovative and skilled at once. Contact Westec Builders, the most notable home addition contractor in Denver which is specialized in garage construction, renovation, and improvement. The experts are creative and professional enough to plan and design the structure, style, and color according to the other parts of the property. 

Attend your garage and Improve it today

Are you planning to deck up your property? Start with the garage. The garage is a vital part of your house. But as it is usually an extended part of the major parts of the house, we often miss checking it. As a result, it retires easily. We suggest paying attention to it and improving it as soon as possible. Westec Builders is here to handle all kinds of garage issues. We deal with all kinds of issues, from damaged windows to worn-out doors, with our expertise and knowledge. Being a professional detached garage contractor in Denver, we know how to enhance the look and feel of the garage. Call us today and learn how to make your outdoor look better with a well-furnished garage. 

We Maintain your Garage for you

Only construction and once-in-four-years renovation are not enough. If you want to see your garage look well, you must go for detailed supervision and regular maintenance. We know you are busy. You do not have time to check out your garage every other day. Hence, we are here to do it on behalf of you. Once you hire us, we will send our team of experts for supervision, maintenance, and renovation if needed. 

Find Excellent Home Improvement Solutions at Your Reach

We are well-known as a home improvement contractor with excellent skills to handle all kinds of renovation tasks. As a popular custom patio cover contractor in Denver, we personalize your backyard as per your choice and needs. Also, we take care of your floors as a basement remodeling contractor in Denver. Contact us now!! 

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Custom Garages

If you are looking for an attached or detached garage, we have the experience to complete your project. We will meet for an initial consultation to discuss size, height, depth, and finish options. We build everything from standard size garages to any kind of custom option you need.

Take a Look at Some of Our Previous Garage Builds

Ready to build your custom garage?

Contact us today to get started.

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