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custom detached garage

Detached Garage Contractor Westminster CO

Westec Buiders has over 30 years experience in building custom garages.  We have completed projects from simple one car garages to garages that are over 2,000 square feet.  Any style of garage you want, we can make a reality. 

Versatile Garage Doors Make your House Look Exceptional

We want every inch of our house perfect. We want to see it flawless. Whether it is the terrace or the floor, our house corners are precious to us. Well, but the concern is how much we take care of our outdoor living areas? Yes, most of the time, we include home interior renovation in our list of tasks. But outdoor areas are as important as the interior. Very few of us pay attention to this extended part of a property. As a result, we see people living with damaged sidewalks, broken garage doors, etc. Hence, we always suggest paying attention to the outdoor along with the inside of the house. We are considered as a leading detached garage contractor in Westminster, CO. So, visit us today to enjoy efficient home renovation services. We offer versatile garage doors that make your house look unique. Consider us the best and welcome here. 

Add Space to your House

If you want to make your house more functional in its existing structures, adding some more space can help. Think of installing a round shelf or a new deck board at the back of the house. Now the question is, who can do the job for you? Adding space is a task of precision. You need to check the details before initiating the task. So, you must hire the best home addition contractor in Westminster, CO. Westec Builders is well-known as a home improvement contractor. Seeing their efficiency at different kinds of works, they are also remembered for those tasks as well. You can call us as a professional basement remodeling contractor in Westminster, CO, as we have a wide collection of basement designs. Also, find us as a custom patio cover contractor in Westminster, CO.  Patios with personalized features are available here. 

We are 24*7 Available

Are you looking for a professional detached garage contractor in Westminster, CO? Or a custom patio cover contractor near your area? We are here. Our company includes a team of experts who can do the job efficiently on time. Once we get the call, we will come to your place to assess your property. Then seeing your needs and considering your choice, we have come up with plans to renovate your house as per your requirement. And after the completion of the tasks, we offer detailed supervision. So, give us a call anytime you need the service. We offer round-the-clock service for you. 

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Custom Garages

If you are looking for an attached or detached garage, we have the experience to complete your project. We will meet for an initial consultation to discuss size, height, depth, and finish options. We build everything from standard size garages to any kind of custom option you need.

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